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A thing Elvis once told me

On a late Saturday night while having an interesting conversation about the future of the world and the human race,  political systems, technology, marketing, motivation, authenticity, leadership and relationships, Elvis told me something that stuck with me. Even if it’s not something new, it’s something everyone who is an achiever, who has high goals and wants to be successful should have in mind.

“Be remembered” means that you have done something worth being noticed in your life. It means you were good in your field of activity, that you have delivered some important products or services, that you did something others don’t usually do or are afraid of doing, that you meant the world for some, that you donated to charity, that you fought for a cause.

“Solve a real problem” is about the impact the things from above had on someone else’s life. While you can use everything above for your own good, to become rich, and to be popular, you can also use them to help others. Solving a real problem means also caring about someone except yourself.

“Be in the books over the years” combines the first two, but adds one more element – how many people did your actions influence. You can be remembered by a single person or a small group, but you can also touch the lives of billions, as your actions can solve personal or local problems but just as well solve global problems. If you want to be in the books, your actions need to have a global effect and touch people from all around the world.

“Be remembered, solve a real problem, be in the books over the years” – Elvis Apostol.