You can…

turn your back.

be afraid and do nothing.

leave it to others.

refuse to get involved.

do everything just for yourself.

Or you can…

give a helping hand.

overcome your fears and make something happen.

step up, make promises, and deliver.

decide to get involved and create something meaningful.

create relationships and bonds.

It’s up to you want you are going to do. You can go both ways, but success means getting involved, doing what you are scared of, accept complicated work, create meaningful relationships.

Act now because “you can” will turn into “you could have” sooner than you expect it to.

Catalin Costea

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be polymath; Renaissance man if I had two. I strongly believe that everything you know will come of use sooner or later and that constantly challenging yourself and continuous learning are the key to success.