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Where do brilliant ideas come from

I am certain that you have heard how great ideas emerge. It can be the apple falling on Newton’s head, August Kekule ring structure which came to him in his dream or the eureka moment which Archimedes had while jumping in the bath tub.

People love to believe epiphany moments really happen. It makes life a lot easier for them because this means you can’t do anything about it. It’s all about the luck of having a divine moment of inspiration. You sure love to believe that this is how things are because it offers you the perfect excuse.

The truth is that there is no such moment of revelation. It’s all about the knowledge you have, the information you own, all the things you have tried and failed at, all the mistakes you have learned from. What really matters is what you have done until now because all ideas come from our ability to make new connections based on the information we already have.

So go out there, try, fail, learn and keep building your moment of inspiration.