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Thinking and the box

I am certain that you have heard about the “think outside the box” expression when talking about creativity.  People use this expression to define new perspectives, unconventional thinking and creativity.

The problem that arises when going outside the box is that it will make you lose focus on what is really important and that’s the people in the box which are your target. Whatever you create, design or build will eventually be addressed to the people inside the box since outside the box there isn’t really an audience or market.

It’s difficult to market something from outside the box that people can’t relate to and even more difficult to convince someone to follow you from there. What you can do is be at the edge of the box and try to push the limit with everything you do. By doing this people will find it easier to embrace your ideas and you will still be able to push the limits of conventional thinking. You don’t need to be outside the box to be memorable and push the limits.