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The value of your time

A few years back I stumbled upon an interesting statistics about how much money Bill Gates makes each second. To put it simply, he makes so much money per second that if he’s walking on the street and he sees a 100$ bill on the ground it’s not worth it to stop from where he’s going and pick it up.

That might sound ridiculous, but actually that’s how people should set the value of their time. No matter what kind of work time we are speaking of, you have to relate to what other options you have at the same time. When you have to choose between a lot of projects, the one with the highest money / time ratio is your winner.

The problem comes when you have only one option and there is nothing to compare to. Many people start comparing with previous jobs and projects they had or with what their friends are doing. The truth is that the best option is to say “yes” to whatever it is since your other option is actually zero.

Something is always better than nothing.

Note: This only applies to the value of time related to money and not taking into account other factors.