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The story people need to hear

The power of storytelling lies in two things; the story being told and how you tell it. They are both essential to a good story, but no matter how good you are at storytelling if the story you choose does not resonate with the other person, it’s a losing battle.

This is why most sales representatives fail with their clients, why most people giving a speech will lose their audience, why companies fail getting customers, people getting a job or the project they want. They all just approach the other part and start telling them a story, without even knowing what the other person is interested in.

All you have to do is take your time, be patient, ask a lot of questions, be empathic and resonate with the other person. Get the information, find the other person’s needs, learn from his past experiences and then use that to empower your story. Make each story personal, meaningful for the other person on an emotional level. This is how you will get attention, interest and results.

Asking the right questions will lead you exactly to the story the other person will want to hear.