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Stop selling

Everything is a sale. The problem is that most people think that if they have to sell something they have to act like it. They offer the standard speech, the pitch learned from the sales trainer, or just come upfront and start talking about their product. They are there just to sell something and that’s all they focus on.

Now, if you look at companies like Apple, Starbucks, Radisson and at how they treat their customers you will see that their focus is not on the product they sell. Indeed, they do offer a lot of attention to the products, the quality of what they offer, and how to increase their sales, but you will never see that as their main focus. They are there to offer you an experience, to increase the quality of your life, to create a memorable experience.

There are two main differences that this approach creates. The first is related to their customers and to the fact that the latter get to feel more than just a customer. They get more than a product with every purchase they make and most times they come back just for that extra something. It’s one of the best ways to create loyalty to your brand and happy customers.

On the other hand, for non-customers, the interaction being focused away from the product and on the person creates curiosity and comfort. No one likes people who invade their space with a sales tactics. Furthermore, when a company representative is more interested in your needs, interests, your person, the bond is created. You don’t need to come with a sales speech since the customer will offer you the story they need to hear.

A sale is never a sale; interaction, connection and caring are far above any pitch for a product and far more efficient.

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