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Something to learn from Madonna and Adele

Take Adele and Madonna as examples. Both of them are female singers, both successful artists, both have sold millions of records, both are internationally known and appraised. But this is how far the similarities go.

I have recently seen concerts of both of them. On the one side, Adele accompanied by her backing vocals and an orchestra, and on the other, Madonna with backing vocals, instrumentalists, dancers, show light, smoke, special effects.

Adele focuses on the singing. That’s what she does, that what’s she’s best at. A great voice, a perfect interpretation, at a level that most people can only dream of. Madonna, on the other hand, focuses on the show. Her singing is not even by far comparable to Adele’s but she has something extra. People don’t come to her concerts to hear her sing, they go there for the show.

Thus, both of them in the same industry, both highly successful, but at the same time both totally different. Adele focuses on the music and her performance is for people who are there for the music, while Madonna puts everything into a show for people who are there just for the entertainment.

Value created from the same idea but in totally different ways for totally different types of audience. Each of them has her specific point of value. What’s yours?