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The sidewalk

Where do you walk when you are in a hurry?

If you look at people on the street, the ones who are in a hurry always walk on the edge of the sidewalk. In the middle you will find the slow walkers, the ones looking around to admire the city, the ones going with the flow. On the edge you will find less people, the ones who are in a haste to get somewhere, the ones who want to be the first.

You can also apply this when it comes to business cases, your career and almost anything else. Those on the edge are the ones who will always move faster. Start-ups also start on the edge. The middle is crowded by big companies; while the edge is where you’ll find a lesser crowd and the possibility to advance fast, gain speed and make a difference.

People with bright careers are also on the edge. They’re the ones moving fast, getting out of the middle where everyone is fighting for the same jobs, projects and contracts. They shift quickly, take risks and advance at a higher pace than the ones looking around and walking in the same pace as everyone else.

Where you walk is your choice.