Knowledge is common. Logic is rare.

Problems vs challenges

Problems or challenges are just our way of defining the same thing. Even if some people make a clear difference between the two, both are actually just obstacles we encounter. They are unexpected things that we run into in our day to day lives, in our activities, at our jobs, or in our relationships.

The only real difference between the two is the attitude you have towards an unexpected situation. A person who is reluctant to change, who finds it hard to adapt and who wants things to always be as they were, will see these changes as problems. Relating to them as problems will only make you want to solve that specific situation as soon as possible in order for things to go back as they were.

On the other hand people who see each obstacle as an opportunity for improvement, a chance to transform things into something better will see obstacles as challenges. This will offer them the possibility to use their best skills, to create something special, to shine. Thus they will try to innovate and create a way to make these obstacles obsolete.

You can choose to solve problems or to take on challenges and transform things. It’s your choice if you want to become a problem solver or an innovator. We need both, but in a world where most people are taught that obstacles are problems that need to be solved, innovators are highly appreciated and rewarded.

Each obstacle is your chance to do something memorable. Focus on innovating rather than just solving problems if you want to make a real contribution.