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Normal is overrated

For far too long have people been striving for normality. People want to be part of the masses. The masses wanting the same cars, the same houses, the same clothes, the same education for their kids, the same jobs. That is what normality actually means. Doing what everyone else does, fitting a pattern, following the same norms or rules.

People see normality as safety, certainty, security, even success. But actually normality is the opposite. Normality is boring, easy to ignore, dangerous and it will never bring you success.

The world is full of ordinary people doing ordinary things. You can join the masses and be just another pawn or you can stand out from the crowd. If you want to succeed you have to be hard to refuse, be indispensable but most of all be memorable. Don’t try to be like the masses but try to be what the masses would want to be.

Forget normal, be memorable.