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Lazy by design

Evolution has taught us that energy is precious, hard to get and easy to deplete. During our existence food has never been easy to acquire nor has it been sufficient to provide us all the energy that we needed. That’s why humans have the tendency to be lazy.

Our body is designed to make as little effort as possible and that’s how the human brain works as well. It tends to go on intuitive (automatic) mode each time it can in order to save energy for when it’s most needed.

While our intuitive mode is perfectly capable to sustain us in our day to day life and activities, it does not have initiatives that break routine, it doesn’t try to overcome fear, it won’t deliver and it won’t do meaningful work.

If you want to do something memorable, to be remarkable, to succeed, you will have to go against your very nature and make an effort, do the work, make commitments, and deliver.

At first this will be extremely hard, but since our body is a constantly adapting organism it will adjust to the new situation and in time it won’t be as hard as it was in the beginning. What is most important is to start, to make that initial effort and break the habit.

The greater the resistance you will have to fight to achieve something, the greater the satisfaction you will have once you have done it.