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Keep in touch with reality

Keeping it real doesn’t mean losing your creative side, forgetting about innovation, or to stop dreaming. It means that you have to stay in touch with your self, to be in constant touch with the environment and the people around you.

The most important things you will be able to achieve when it comes to business, success, and costumer interaction are strictly related to how well you understand reality.

Everything you do depends on your environment and the better you know it the more will you be able to use it in your favor. Once you know it in a high degree you will be able to anticipate it. This is when you will be able to create change, drive innovation, and lead people.

Knowing the people around you and your customers can give you the extra edge you need to succeed. Understanding the needs of your customers and clients allows you to offer them better services, better products and higher customer satisfaction. Anticipating your customers’ and clients’ needs will make a huge difference in the experience you will be able to create.

That is if you are not a Sci-Fi writer or a surrealist. Then it’s perfectly fine to go all out.