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Is there a myth of multitasking

There are a great deal of studies and research regarding multitasking and the efficiency or better said the inefficiency of it.

I won’t debate this, even though it’s clear that one will be more efficient focusing on a sole activity rather than trying to do several at the same time. My concern is about how you can avoid having to multitask and focus on only one activity.

In our modern society we are constantly in a rush, always on the run, with a need to always be connected and up to date. This makes it extremely hard to direct your attention on a single task or event. Constant interruptions, urgent tasks, high priority emails, people that need your immediate attention are always present.

It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, not to be interrupted. Thus, the only option you have is either to stop what you are doing every single time you get interrupted, or to start multitasking.

Since multitasking is becoming a necessity and avoiding it is not an option anymore, the best solution you have is to get used to it, practice it and increase your ability to multitask.