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How to be happy with the choices you make

One of the most important aspects of being happy is learning how to be happy with the choices you make. And it’s no easy task. In today’s society we have to make more choices, faster and possibly with a greater impact than ever before.

We have more options than ever. There aren’t many cases where we know all the options or have all the information we need before we have to make a decision. And even if we have it now, in the next seconds, minutes, days new options , possibilities and information will arise, that we didn’t have at first. This leads to second thoughts, doubts, scenarios in which had we chosen another option it would have been better or we’d have been happier.

The way to avoid all this is to hack your thinking. No matter what you have to choose from, first establish a set o minimum requirements and features the option needs to have. After that set the budget, deadline or any other restrictions you have.

With all these in mind, choose the first option which fits all aspects. Don’t go looking any further after the first option. If it fits the needs you have set, make it.

Once you have made a decision, it’s time for the hard part, hacking the way you think. Stop pondering on the decision you just made, stop looking for other options. You will be happier with your decisions this way. You will be able to enjoy your choice.

No option cause unhappiness as much as too many options do.