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Having a plan B

Plans are good. Plans help dreams become reality. For everything we want to achieve we are going to make a plan. Even people who say that they are going to improvise and that they don’t need a plan still have a plan. Counting on improvisation is a plan.

What happens when we get used to making plans is that we start making B plans. Soon we’ll end up with a lot more plans. We might even end up out of letters. Most people do this because they have been told that it’s always good to have a plan B, others because they are afraid that their plan A won’t work, others because they like to try different things.

No matter why you make your plan B it’s clear that you do it because you have other options. This means you allow yourself to think that you can fail. If you fail you still have a way out. So failing is not that important to you anymore. You don’t put everything on only one hand anymore.

Most people that do succeed don’t have a plan B. That’s what makes them push so badly, work so hard and make it eventually. They have no other option but to succeed. For them failure is not an option.

Don’t give yourself the option to fail.