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Famous for being famous

There is a group of people that seem to be famous for nothing really. They haven’t done anything of real value for society, they don’t do any hard, important work, they haven’t invented or innovated anything, yet they are world known.

These are usually the kind of people who create buzz around them, but not by doing anything worth while, but by creating scandals and gossips. They make the front page for their new fight with some other “star” of the same value, for their new car, their new affair or their new divorce.

On the other hand, there are people who have done something meaningful, who bring innovation and change, but never really make it to the front page. And when they do, they never try to stay there for long. For them it’s more important to focus on the work than to create buzz.

You can choose to create buzz around you, even if there is nothing valuable to mention, or you can focus on the important work and only then manage the buzz created.

It’s up to you to become famous for your work, or just to be famous for being famous.