common. Logic

False needs

You don’t need to eat that much. Most of the times what you eat is actually emotional eating.

You don’t need a faster/ newer car. The one you have is still good for a few more years.

You don’t need a bigger house. You spend most of your time outside the house (or at least you should) and when you’re at home you spend most of it sleeping. You only sleep in one room.

You don’t need new clothes each season. The ones you have from last year are still looking brand new.

You don’t need the latest smart phone to have a chat on messenger or check on your facebook feed. Almost any 50 dollar smartphone can do that.

What you need more though is to spend your time doing what you love, being with the people you like, meeting new people, going out, learn new things, read more, travel, smile, have fun, love, enjoy your life.

You don’t need more things, you need more feelings.