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Creating a better experience for others and yourself

The success of a business, a product or a service is making your customers have the best experience possible. Even if it may sound easy to do, as I said before creating a great customer experience is not easy, but you can improve any customers experience if you keep in mind the following three elements.

Don’t create high expectations from the start. Actually the expectations you create must be as low as possible, just enough to get people’s attention and make them choose your service or product.

What you deliver must be better than what the customer expected. The higher the difference between expectations and actual experience, the happier the customer will be.

The best part has to be at the end. The ending of the experience is more important than what happens during the whole process. You know the expression “save the best for last”.

While this is something incredibly important for customer experience, it also applies to all your life experiences. That’s why a relationship that ended badly, no matter how great it was, will leave you with a broken heart, sad and with a bad memory, or why we tend to avoid people who promise a great deal and can’t deliver what they say.

Applying these three principles to your business and life will make your costumers happier and yourself as well.

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