common. Logic


Everyone has to make choices. It might be that it’s to get out of bed in the morning, to hire someone, to extend to a new business, to buy something, to start a war. No matter how small or big they are we need to make a choice. Even not making a choice and waiting is still a decision.

Some people rush into making a decision, act impulsively, while others like to take their time and think about the best course of action.

In most cases making the decision fast may be a good idea, since there are some moments when you just need to be the first to make the decision, the first to launch a product, the first to call it off, the first to take that person and hire them.

On the other hand there are moments when if you just wait for a bit more you have that extra information that will make the difference when deciding. It might be a change in the market, some tip you receive, a new technology that comes out, a new idea. That extra something that will make your waiting worth.

There is no perfect time for a decision, just make a choice and go with it to the end. Changing in the middle is where most people go wrong.