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A day to be disconnected

In this modern age of constant rushing, constant change and speed, we are always connected, always in touch. No matter if it’s the phone, email, facebook or any other social networks, we are always connected to our friends, clients, suppliers. We can’t afford not to be connected for a second because something might move along and we might be left behind.

As with all systems, when put under a lot of pressure, under a constant flux of information, and after a long time of constant availability there is a need to stop, get disconnected and restart. That is exactly what most people forget to do and they just push it until they burnout.

This is the reason why I have decided that each month I take a day with no phone, no email, no internet connection and no familiar people around. A day to get far away, disconnect, lose touch with everything and enjoy anonymity in a totally different environment.

You might want to try it as well. Losing touch for a moment might just help you better understand and connect afterwards.