There is no…

game without pain.

good training without sweat.

high gains without risk.

success without struggle.

If there is no down side to something, if there are no high risks involved or if there is no struggle to achieve it then it won’t be of any extremely high value. If it’s easy and everyone else can do it then you won’t get a substantial reward for it.

This is where most people fail badly. They really believe that just showing up, just being there is enough to make it. Risks, effort, determination, pain is what makes the difference between valuable and just normal.

Put on the hard work and then expect rewards.

Catalin Costea

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be polymath; Renaissance man if I had two. I strongly believe that everything you know will come of use sooner or later and that constantly challenging yourself and continuous learning are the key to success.