Woke with my eyes wide closed

Writing has never been my favorite way of expressing myself. I prefer free flowing conversations. I’d rather talk to someone for an hour than try to condense a thousand thoughts into 280 characters. I assume that’s why I never fully embraced Twitter. But somehow, for whatever reason, I force myself to put things in writing. And in doing so I found it helps me process different topics. I do it for myself as much as I am doing it to share thoughts and insights with others.

Even though I started writing and posting things here almost 10 years ago, I have never been as reluctant to hit publish as I’m now. And, funny enough, it has almost nothing to do with me or my fears. It’s more a side effect of how our public discourse has evolved.

Efficient communication has always boiled down, at least for me, to being able to relate, agree and use terms based on a common definition or understanding. Without that you just have two parties trying to encode/ decode messages without a Rosetta Stone. There’s no communication there, just data with little or no value.

Woke is the latest term I struggle with. I see it as becoming increasingly difficult to define, much more so than any other term or word being widely used. My best friend is defining it as being tolerant. Google search is telling me it’s being aware of social injustice. I’ve seen other using it in a million different ways from expressing spiritual enlightenment or social justice warriors to narrowminded or fascists. And I’m here, just using it as not being asleep.

I’ve seen society and the people within, myself included, moving from finding a way to expressing their opinion to everyone trying to compare themselves to others and find out who’s the most righteous or woken.

Last time I posted I was taking a shot at political correctness. Fast forward 4 years, I find that society has take my message to heart and woken. But are we really in a better place than we were 4 years ago?

I can’t help but feel that I’m just in a loop, repeating myself. The core principle is one of value. But the way it is used and implemented nowadays is hurting everyone. Sometimes, too much of a good thing can be harmful instead of helpful.

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