Do more…

things that you like.

things that scare you.


in less time with less resources.

things that your future self will thank you for.

to learn new skills and form new abilities.

Do more today that you have done yesterday. Never settle for less. Push your limits because that’s how you are going to grow. Do more every time.

Making a profit

Is making a profit your main focus? Do you focus all your attention on how to increase your profit or is money only a means of reaching your real goal?

If you look back at how most companies started, you will notice one thing. None of them had their main focus on making a profit. Facebook was about keeping people connected. Apple was about technology and innovation. But as time passed, their goal changed into making a profit.

Now Facebook is all about the stocks, new ways to put adds on mobile devices and increasing profit. Apples’ latest actions have been all about securing their position, lawsuits with Samsung and replacing Google apps on their devices.

On the other hand, there is Tiffany & Co with their “True Love in Pictures” Project. Their focus was on creating a story, something memorable for people to share and enjoy. Their main focus was on delivering the story. And people acknowledged it. People reacted. The project went viral, it created buzz and not to mention their stocks raised 10% (while the stocks of Apple and Facebook dropped).

If you keep your eyes on making a profit, everything that’s important will pass you by without you noticing it.

Being nervous

One problem most people have is starting being nervous when they have to do something important. This happens most of the time if they do it for the first time or if they think they aren’t as good as they should be.

Most times being nervous is something counterproductive. This happens when it’s fear related. The fear to fail. The fear to make a fool out of yourself in front of other people. The fear of critics. The fear of change. This is the moment when you need to step up and face your fears. Focus on giving the best performance you can. Create a mindset based on facing fear and you’ll get past it. With experience, exercise and self control you will be able to master these fears.

But being nervous can also be positive. It shows that you really care. That you are doing something meaningful. There is no way to get over this. But you shouldn’t even try. You should try to expose yourself to it as much as you can. Do things that scare you. Do the things that are important to you.

If you are not nervous about doing it, then it’s not going to be memorable.

What’s your excuse

Before people try a new thing they take into account three aspects: the pros, the cons and the excuses.

Most people think pros and cons are the only two things that count when making a decision. In fact, the excuses they can come up with matter just as much.

How many times did you hear someone who had something to do saying: “It’s not my job to do it”. Or someone with a great business idea claiming: “I don’t have the time to work on it. I have a job.” Or even someone who said that she or he would like to lose weight but can’t because that’s just their body constitution.

Often times they may seem like really good reasons, which is why people will subdue to them. The better “reasons” they have, the safer they’ll feel in their decision to not do what they could. Those though, are not reasons but excuses. People can’t really argue with a good excuse and the fear of tackling something new will surely make them embrace any good excuse.

What you can do though, is to not allow yourself to have any excuses. Expose yourself to making a decision without allowing fear to find a way to hide behind excuses. Do it even if it’s not your job! Start working on your ideas even if you have a job! Get yourself in shape!

So what’s your excuse now?

Beating the status quo

Most people think that the purpose is in beating the status quo. They believe that change will come by burning everything that was before. By creating something new from ashes.

The reality is totally different. The status quo is just a reference level. It offers a starting point. A solid base to build upon. It offers resources, ideas, inspiration, tools and a network full of people. If everything new were built from scratch we would only be reinventing the wheel over and over again.

True creativity means using what you have and combining that into a different form. Group elements under a new pattern. Improve something so much it changes its use. Using what is already available is going to save you time and money. It will allow you to build something better.

If you want to get higher, stand on the shoulders of giants.