You work.

Your free time.

Your art.

Your friends.

Your projects.

Your house.

No matter what you do, enjoy every single second of it. Once it stops being fun, stop doing it, change it, find something new, move on. Enjoying what you do is the biggest drive there is, the biggest motivation.

If it’s not fun, then don’t even think about it.

Everybody is doing that

That’s a good reason for you not to do it.

If everyone is doing it then it’s nothing special, it isn’t hard to do, it does not require special skills, courage, creativity or innovation. It’s just another normal thing, and as any normal thing it won’t be greatly rewarded nor will it help you stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, see what people are afraid of, find something that others can’t do and go do that. Do the hard work, face fear, create something that others can’t, make something memorable and then you will be rewarded.

The scarcer the things you can do are, the greater your reward will be.

Predicting the past

The past is easy to explain. After every event explanations are easy to find, causes are easy to fight off, elements that should have suggested that outcome become obvious and false prophets arise.

Think about the economical crisis and all the people who now claim they had predicted it. If you ask them when the next one will be, most certainly they won’t be able to tell you. They are even going to argue that the next one won’t be so obvious like this one was.

This only creates a false illusion of the capacity to predict the future in which many people become trapped. They become so confident in their ability to see what is going to happen that most times they forget to take into consideration basic statistics and obvious faults in their logic.

The more people consider themselves experts in a field and able to predict what is going to happen, the more likely they are to be wrong when making a prediction. Life is random and luck plays an important role in our day to day life so the best option is to take into consideration statistical probabilities and work from there.

Instead of trying to predict the future try to model it, shape it as you want it to be. Creating the future as you want it to be is the best way of predicting it.

Stop selling

Everything is a sale. The problem is that most people think that if they have to sell something they have to act like it. They offer the standard speech, the pitch learned from the sales trainer, or just come upfront and start talking about their product. They are there just to sell something and that’s all they focus on.

Now, if you look at companies like Apple, Starbucks, Radisson and at how they treat their customers you will see that their focus is not on the product they sell. Indeed, they do offer a lot of attention to the products, the quality of what they offer, and how to increase their sales, but you will never see that as their main focus. They are there to offer you an experience, to increase the quality of your life, to create a memorable experience.

There are two main differences that this approach creates. The first is related to their customers and to the fact that the latter get to feel more than just a customer. They get more than a product with every purchase they make and most times they come back just for that extra something. It’s one of the best ways to create loyalty to your brand and happy customers.

On the other hand, for non-customers, the interaction being focused away from the product and on the person creates curiosity and comfort. No one likes people who invade their space with a sales tactics. Furthermore, when a company representative is more interested in your needs, interests, your person, the bond is created. You don’t need to come with a sales speech since the customer will offer you the story they need to hear.

A sale is never a sale; interaction, connection and caring are far above any pitch for a product and far more efficient.

Skills or luck

Most people have a problem when someone else is rewarded, becomes successful or wins a game because of luck. Any other rational explanation like better skilled, more experienced, a better tactic, even being better looking will do, but luck isn’t acceptable. It does not make sense and it irritates people.

Luck is a big, constant part of life. In almost every game, every business, in every job luck will influence the results. Even if most people believe that mostly skills, experience, knowledge and hard work will make the difference, the truth is that luck will also play a big part in most cases.

When the differences are small, the one who gets a better day, the one who thinks of a solution a second faster, the one who decides to take a risk even if nothing suggests he would win – this is not about skills or knowledge, it’s about luck.

Here is where most people feel frustrated because others had that luck and they didn’t. They consider the other person not worthy of the success because luck influenced everything.

Actually, the other person has the merit of doing everything prior and after that moment of luck. In order for luck to strike you’ve got to do something, to get out of bed in the morning, to get moving, to start working, to create something, to put in the hard work, to take risks. People forget about all of these and see only that lucky moment.

Luck might make the difference but it won’t do much without all the work that lead to it.