If you…

make a promise be sure to keep it.

have a dream follow it to the end.

make a mistake admit it and learn from it.

fear something go do it. Now!

fall, get up and try again, fail, fall, get up.

make a commitment to deliver then do it, and do it on time.

Everything you say should be backed-up by action. Words are meaningless without you committing to them and acting accordingly. It is incredibly easy to throw words around but extremely hard to step up and do the work.

Words are just empty sounds if they’re not followed by actions.

What makes you memorable

That is going to be the key to our success. This is the element you have to focus your attention, time and skills on. Being memorable will make the difference between you having to fight for everyone else’s attention and having everyone else fighting for your attention; it will make you stand out in the crowd.

Don’t confuse being memorable with only standing out in the crowd though. While standing out in the crowd is not a really hard thing to do it won’t help you much. If you stand out but you have nothing important to say, to offer or deliver, then all you will have created is just some buzz.

Being memorable, on the other hand, will make you stand out from the crowd and at the same time will make people remember you. You will need to offer something that people can’t ignore and that once seen will stay in their minds for a long period of time. To achieve this you will need to be able to deliver, to offer something that no one is offering, to come with better quality, better services, unique ideas. In other words you will need to take risks, to explore, to face your fears, to fail, to try again, to experiment.

Forget normal. Be memorable.

A thing Elvis once told me

On a late Saturday night while having an interesting conversation about the future of the world and the human race,  political systems, technology, marketing, motivation, authenticity, leadership and relationships, Elvis told me something that stuck with me. Even if it’s not something new, it’s something everyone who is an achiever, who has high goals and wants to be successful should have in mind.

“Be remembered” means that you have done something worth being noticed in your life. It means you were good in your field of activity, that you have delivered some important products or services, that you did something others don’t usually do or are afraid of doing, that you meant the world for some, that you donated to charity, that you fought for a cause.

“Solve a real problem” is about the impact the things from above had on someone else’s life. While you can use everything above for your own good, to become rich, and to be popular, you can also use them to help others. Solving a real problem means also caring about someone except yourself.

“Be in the books over the years” combines the first two, but adds one more element – how many people did your actions influence. You can be remembered by a single person or a small group, but you can also touch the lives of billions, as your actions can solve personal or local problems but just as well solve global problems. If you want to be in the books, your actions need to have a global effect and touch people from all around the world.

“Be remembered, solve a real problem, be in the books over the years” – Elvis Apostol.

What people pay extra for

Someone buying a bottle of wine from the supermarket will pay 10$ for it. If they go to a restaurant they will pay for the same bottle 30$. Still, I never heard someone complain about the price of the wine bottles in restaurants.

While in the example above people will pay more for a product due to a combination of factors, there are situations when people will pay more for a single element. That is the key to success some companies find and exploit.

This is what you should be searching for, and when you do find it, exploit it to the maximum, but don’t stop. Search for others things to add, find the perfect mix to take you to the top.

People will pay extra for:

  • Better services – staff with a smile on their faces, a friendly greeting, staff using their first name
  • Quality – the better the product product is, the more people will be willing to pay
  • Fast delivery – people want it now
  • Scarcity – the harder it is to find and the less they are, the better. If you are the only one who can offer something that people need, you struck gold
  • Proximity – people are lazy. If you bring it to their backyard it’s perfect
  • Natural – if it’s bio, no additives, ecological, resources friendly
  • Custom made items – people love to have something made especially for them

These are just a few examples. You can use these or find a lot more. It’s up to you how hard you are willing to search and invest in order to make people more satisfied and pay more.

Fighting a battle for the cheapest product is just a race to the bottom.

Talking about success

As I said before in Success vs happiness, success can be personal or social. Even if personal success is the one more likely to bring you happiness, social success comes with a lot of benefits. Successful people are always in the spotlight (getting a lot of attention which feeds their ego), get more offers of collaboration and work which will allow them to charge higher and get better deals, and enjoy a lot of other benefits. This is why many people try to achieve success.

Social success is defined by the exposure you get. This can be obtained in two ways: do the work, invent, create and deliver something important and meaningful for others or create enough buzz, get enough attention to get in the spotlight.

Sometimes exposure can be all you need in order to become successful, even if the work you have done is not that important. This is usually achieved by people who can create enough buzz around them to get noticed. You will usually see them on TV on different shows, at networking events, meetings and conferences talking about their work, about their success and what great things they have achieved.

On the other hand there are the people who have done the work, the meaningful stuff everyone is talking about. You will notice that these people are the ones about whom people usually talk without them saying a word or even with them being there. These are the ones focused on delivering. They know that their work is important and meaningful that they don’t need to talk about it and so they focus on doing their thing.

You can either talk your way to success or do the work that will get you there. The only difference is that the work will remain even after you shut your mouth.