Better different

While fighting for attention, new customers, a job, a collaboration, you will have to stand out from the crowd. If everyone chose to do what everyone else is doing then it would all be up to chance. Leaving things to chance is the worst thing you can do. If you want to succeed you have got to increase your chances to be the one selected. Standing out is the best chance you have to be selected.

Being better than everyone else is one way of standing out. If your product is better, the quality of the materials is higher, you have better skills, knowledge or experience than everyone else, then you are going to stand out and be noticed. While this is definitely a great idea, in a world where technology is evolving at an ever faster rate and more and more people can have access to better technology and materials your advantage will not last for long.

What you can do, though, is be different, stand out from the crowd by doing what no one else is doing. This can be achieved by offering a solution for a problem that no one else is offering, by doing things in a way that no one else will, by having the skills and abilities that others don’t, by overcoming fear and by having the courage to be different.

Different can be better than better, but different is not always better.

Assume responsibility

This is one of the best things you can do. Once you fail take full responsibility for it and for your actions. Don’t try to find excuses, don’t try to see only the good part in it, and most of all don’t ignore it.

I have seen companies ignoring the mistakes they made or even worse, refusing to assume responsibility. This attitude will only drive clients away because it will make them feel unimportant, misunderstood or neglected.

There are entrepreneurs trying to hide the projects that have failed while leading people’s attention only towards the projects that have succeeded. This might seem like a good idea, but people will find out eventually and keep thinking what else they might be hiding from them.

Employees are always running away from responsibility. They hide behind their boss, supervisor, team-leader. They do it because they don’t want to be blamed from something going wrong, because they are afraid of the consequences this might have on their career.

While assuming responsibility comes with obvious risks, it also has hidden benefits most people are afraid to take advantage of. People, clients, investors and companies want to see initiative, to see you involved, to see you working hard to achieve things, to see your evolution, to see that you have learned from your mistakes, to see you fail. People want to see human beings with both failure and success on their part.

Assuming responsibility gains trust and creates bonds.

Changing your routine

People tend to build a routine. It consist of what you do when you wake up in the morning, have coffee, get ready to leave, the road/ route to work, starting your work, finishing work and going back home or going out. Doing the same things over and over again.

The advantage is that by doing so you will tend to spend less energy while doing the things that you have got to do anyway and you are not that interested in. It’s more comfortable and if you do them long enough you will soon do them on auto-pilot. This will allow you to save energy and focus on the important things you have to do.

The reverse of the medal is that the human body is a constantly adapting organism. Our life-style shapes it and the way it works. Once you have built a routine your body will get lazy and the energy you think you save won’t actually be there any more because your body will get lazy.

This will lead to you walking to work and not even realizing how you got there, without noticing changes that happen on the way – shops that change, a new painting on a wall, a new sign, a pink car on the way. Routine will slowly transform a person from an alert one into a half-asleep one.

If you like living life and things going by without you even noting them, then, by all means, build yourself routines, as many as you can. On the other hand, if you like to constantly be aware, to notice everything around you, then forget about routines. Constantly change your route to work, go to sleep and wake up at different hours, do something different each day.

Surprise your body and your mind. This will keep them alert and always ready for the new challenges ahead.

Supporting your local businesses

People would go to the local supermarket to save 1 dollar instead of going to the local store owned by someone from the community.

People would rather buy clothes from a big fashion retailer just because of its brand, even if they could get the same or even a better quality for a local brand which probably would charge them less.

People would rather eat at a big fast food chain even if they could go out and enjoy a great meal from a local restaurant.

People would rather buy things from a multinational company while a local company could offer a similar solution.

Money is made to go around, be exchanged, travel, but as it travels farther and with multiple nods on the way it will come back harder and in a smaller amount. Thus, the choices listed above will take money out of the local community and move it to a different one.

While everyone is free to choose whatever they want, a small short term benefit might lead to a long term inconvenience. It’s important to know that these choices will have an important influence on the way local communities develop and on one’s happiness.

The closer a thing is to you, the greater impact on your well-being it will have.

Work vs play time

In the dream case scenario, people love their work, everything is fun, they play all day long doing what they enjoy. In real life, no matter how much you love your work there are always things that you don’t enjoy that much, things that you are afraid to do, but go ahead and do them nevertheless because these are the ones that bring real value to your work, routine, a client with whom you can’t have the relationship you would want.

All of these will lead to work being work, even if pleasant, and play time being the time you entirely spend having fun and enjoying yourself. I am a firm believer in balance in every single aspect of life, from diet, to spending time with friends but also meeting new people, to working out but also relaxing, to work vs play time.

In our society people tend to spend a lot more time working than playing. Many spend a lot of time making the money to buy different things – houses, cars, gadgets and other objects – but don’t spend as much time enjoying them as they spent getting the money to buy them.

Life isn’t about owning a lot of stuff or being famous or successful, it’s about enjoying, traveling, loving, building relationships, creating memories, having fun, having passions, laughing, doing crazy things; it’s about living.

Work hard but play even harder.