Creating a better experience for others and yourself

The success of a business, a product or a service is making your customers have the best experience possible. Even if it may sound easy to do, as I said before creating a great customer experience is not easy, but you can improve any customers experience if you keep in mind the following three elements.

Don’t create high expectations from the start. Actually the expectations you create must be as low as possible, just enough to get people’s attention and make them choose your service or product.

What you deliver must be better than what the customer expected. The higher the difference between expectations and actual experience, the happier the customer will be.

The best part has to be at the end. The ending of the experience is more important than what happens during the whole process. You know the expression “save the best for last”.

While this is something incredibly important for customer experience, it also applies to all your life experiences. That’s why a relationship that ended badly, no matter how great it was, will leave you with a broken heart, sad and with a bad memory, or why we tend to avoid people who promise a great deal and can’t deliver what they say.

Applying these three principles to your business and life will make your costumers happier and yourself as well.

We are all damaged

We all have fallen, we all have failed and we all had experiences that left scars on our body or soul. Nobody is perfect, not by far, but our obsession with perfection will keep us in misery all our life trying to polish ourselves or to hide our flaws and seem perfect.

The problem with perfection is that it is worth nothing. Being perfect means just to be liked by everyone else. Once you realize this you will understand how futile it is to strive for perfection. We all are so different that it is impossible to please everyone, impossible to be liked by everyone. Setting yourself on a quest with a result that’s not even possible to achieve will only leave you disappointed.

The best you can do is accept yourself and others as they are. Accept that we are all damaged and that this is what offers us the chance to become better. Stop trying to achieve perfection and start building a better self, a better person you are proud of. Stop trying to search for the perfect person and instead try to find the ones that will make you a better person.

All you need to do is to strive for being a bit better today than you were yesterday.

Making it too easy

Recently I have read that you can have an interview with only 3 questions. Nothing strange about this until I saw the questions.

1.  Can you do the job?
2.  Will you love the job?
3.  Can we tolerate working with you?

I can answer all three with only one word, “Yes”. It is that easy apparently.

Actually, the first question is meant to see your strengths, the second to see your motivation and the third to see if you could fit in. These aspects are essential when recruiting but the problem comes from the fact that you can say anything in an interview. And when confronted with such a situation people will tend to tell you want you want to hear.

Talking is easy. What I would really be interested in seeing is things already done. Those hardly lie about a person’s abilities, motivation and personality.

1.  Show me what you delivered in your previous jobs.
2.  Show me projects you have done by yourself.
3.  Show me your social network accounts or better yet, your blog.

So, the next time you hear those three questions in an interview, try to answer as if you heard the three things I said above. If this won’t get you the job it means that’s not the company you want to work for. But if you get accepted it will surely be a great match. Either way, you win.

Action will always speak louder than words.

Getting the right answer

Instead of asking yourself what you could have done, ask yourself what you can do from now on.

Instead of asking others what they can do for you, ask what you can do for them.

Instead of asking what else do you need to achieve your goals, ask yourself what you could do with what you have.

Instead of asking why you got a negative answer, ask yourself what you must do to get a positive one.

If you are not getting the right answers then you are asking the wrong questions.

It’s always your fault

If something isn’t the way you would want it to be, then it’s your fault. I am not talking about something specific here, but about everything. It is your fault you don’t have the job you’re dreaming of, the money you want, the friends you wish for. It’s your fault that you are not happy.

It’s your fault because you are waiting for other people to do the things you want them to do or be as you want them to.

Changing your actions is much simpler than trying to change others. So, the next time you want something to be different, think about what you need to change in order for that to happen and not what others have to do.

Don’t expect anything, make it happen yourself.