Certainty of failure

You are going to fail. This is one thing you need to know from the start. The only problem is that you don’t know when it’s going to happen. Even if this might sound as a paradox, you must acknowledge that failure will happen, but never consider it as a possibility.

You have to treat everything as failure is not an option, but when you do fail you must take advantage of it. Most of the times, failure is a better lesson than success. The secret is to learn from it as much as you can when it eventually comes, and then keep on going.

It’s your duty to do whatever is within your powers to succeed. Never start something believing that it will fail because, if you do, it will certainly fail. That would just be a waste of your time and resources.

Do your best and when you fail learn from it and move on.

Dreams or reality

I am certain you have dreams. We all do. You might dream of fame and money, of changing the world, of making some cool new product, of inventing something or being the first man on Mars.

Never listen to what others say about your dream. They might consider it crazy, stupid, too big, too small, unreachable or even unimportant. As long as it’s your dream it means it’s the most important thing to you and that’s all that matters. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

But as always there is a catch. Dreams without a plan are just dreams. Plans without commitment are just words on paper. Without committing to your dream they mean nothing, even to you.

It’s all up to you to turn your dreams into reality, everyone else is to busy with their own dreams.

People fear change

The fear of change comes so natural to us, and it’s no wonder since it is well embedded in our DNA. This fear followed us during our evolution for thousands of years. Changes, especially rapid ones, mean a greater risk of going extinct. Survival of the fittest is not about being fit but being adaptable to change.

From an evolutionary point of view, changes are the corner stones of our very existence. Without them we would still be single-cell organisms. Change is what transforms us, what shapes us and makes us become better, faster, stronger and smarter if we embrace it.

As everything else, change has both advantages and disadvantages. You can either live in fear and see every change as another obstacle that you need to overcome in order to survive, or you can see it as a chance to evolve and transform yourself into something better.

You can choose to fear change or to embrace it.

Having a plan B

Plans are good. Plans help dreams become reality. For everything we want to achieve we are going to make a plan. Even people who say that they are going to improvise and that they don’t need a plan still have a plan. Counting on improvisation is a plan.

What happens when we get used to making plans is that we start making B plans. Soon we’ll end up with a lot more plans. We might even end up out of letters. Most people do this because they have been told that it’s always good to have a plan B, others because they are afraid that their plan A won’t work, others because they like to try different things.

No matter why you make your plan B it’s clear that you do it because you have other options. This means you allow yourself to think that you can fail. If you fail you still have a way out. So failing is not that important to you anymore. You don’t put everything on only one hand anymore.

Most people that do succeed don’t have a plan B. That’s what makes them push so badly, work so hard and make it eventually. They have no other option but to succeed. For them failure is not an option.

Don’t give yourself the option to fail.

Believing lies

The placebo effect is known to have cured people from diseases that have no cure, to have made pain and other symptoms disappear and even to overcome depressions. Actually almost 50% from people suffering from depressions show improvements when having placebo pills.

The placebo effect is basically a lie. But a really efficient one. A lie that gives results because the person lied to does not know it’s a lie.

Might the placebo effect work the same way when it comes to accomplishing other things as well? What if each day you told yourself that you can make it, that your work is great, that your project will succeed, that your book will become a bestseller? Could this work?

Lie to yourself long enough and you might turn it into reality.