That’s how it always was

No, it’s not. Things change and they are changing now at a faster rate than ever before. There is no doubt about this.

Then why people still use this, you might ask. It’s part of our resistance to change. It’s our fear that comes into play. Once you know how things are, how they work, you get used to them. You adapt and feel comfortable. Change, on the other hand, stresses you. You have to put in a little effort to learn the new things, you need to adjust to them and act accordingly.

Fearing chance is futile. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. What you can do is to embrace it. Embrace it from the start, experiment, exercise and get used to this. This is how, while others will still try to adapt to it, you will already have the necessary knowledge to take advantage of it. This is what’s going to give you the edge you will need to succeed.

Be the one that others try to keep up with, not the other way around.


Tomorrow I am going to work on my dreams.

Tomorrow I am going to set myself deadlines and stick to them.

Tomorrow I am going to make a commitment and deliver.

Tomorrow I am going to read.

Tomorrow I am going to tell her how much I love her.

Tomorrow I am going to meet with my friends.

Tomorrow I am going to get enough sleep so I don’t feel tired anymore.

Tomorrow I am going to do something that scares me.

Tomorrow I am going to go out.

Tomorrow I am going to take photos.

Tomorrow I am going to eat healthy.

Your list might be totally different from mine. It does not matter. The activities you choose to do are not as important as the commitment you make to yourself. No matter how big your plans or dreams are they mean nothing without action.

If you say tomorrow now, you will say the same thing tomorrow. Stop saying tomorrow. Start saying today.

Today I am going to stop saying tomorrow.

Good things

Good things come to those who wait has to be one of the biggest lies you tell to yourself,  to your friends, to your kids. It’s what you also have been told since you were a little kid. That’s one of the things you heard so many times that you know it’s true even if you have never given it some proper consideration.

But if you think about it for a second you will see how far from the truth it really is. If good things come to those who wait, then get some food, some water, close the door and sit in your room until they do. Or you can go to work and do nothing all day and wait for the position, salary and benefits you dream of.

Now we all know this is not going to happen. You have to step up, show up, make commitments, deliver, fail, try again, work harder, work smarter, be more creative. These are the things you need to do and then the good things you were waiting for will come. Stop waiting and start making those good things come to you, otherwise you will be waiting for a long, long time.

Good things come to those who act.

I did that

When was the last time you said that? Did you say it with pride because you did something memorable or were you admitting having done something wrong?

It really does not matter why you said it. It’s always good to admit something you did, even if it’s something you did wrong. We have to take responsibility for our action because once we do we are able to fully understand the mistakes we made and learn from them.

But what I am most excited about is when someone admits having done something that they always wanted to do. No matter if it’s something spectacular or just some little thing they always had their mind on. The emotion that person feels when they say “I did it” will light the room. Now think about doing something memorable that can touch in that way tens, hundreds, thousands…

For every “I want to do that” there should be an “I did it”.