A day to be disconnected

In this modern age of constant rushing, constant change and speed, we are always connected, always in touch. No matter if it’s the phone, email, facebook or any other social networks, we are always connected to our friends, clients, suppliers. We can’t afford not to be connected for a second because something might move along and we might be left behind.

As with all systems, when put under a lot of pressure, under a constant flux of information, and after a long time of constant availability there is a need to stop, get disconnected and restart. That is exactly what most people forget to do and they just push it until they burnout.

This is the reason why I have decided that each month I take a day with no phone, no email, no internet connection and no familiar people around. A day to get far away, disconnect, lose touch with everything and enjoy anonymity in a totally different environment.

You might want to try it as well. Losing touch for a moment might just help you better understand and connect afterwards.



Motivation is the starting point of everything from getting down from bed in the morning, to making a billion dollars, to saving lives, to building a better future for kids around the world, to being the best athlete in the world.

Many people speak about their dreams, about their goals, about the great things they want to accomplish. But when they are asked to back up their words with action, sacrifice and hard work, that’s where they stop.

This is where motivation comes into play. If there is no correlation between your goals and your action then nothing can be achieved.

Motivation is what makes the difference between the first place and the last.


Focus on your talents

We are all different. It’s in our DNA to be unique. We all have inborn preferences, abilities, talents and potential. Even if we are all capable of doing most things other people can, the degree to which we can do them, the level at which we can master them depends a lot of these inborn capabilities.

Even without training most people can run the 100 meters in under 15 seconds. With a bit of training they can go under 14 and with some decent training they can go under 13. Almost all professional sprinters can run the 100 meters under 12 seconds. But from here on is where things change. Out of all of them only a few manage to go under 11 seconds and from among them only a group of 10-15 people manage to go under 10.

It’s the same for everything else. We’re all capable of doing most things at a normal level, but to excel, that’s something completely different. To excel means to focus on what you are good at, what you like, what comes natural to you, the thing you can do with a maximum of enthusiasm and improve up to the point where others can’t.

Most people don’t even know what their true talent is and most of them will never do. This is because people don’t experiment, they just take things for granted, take a path and follow it without focusing on what they are really good at.

Finding out what you are really good at is not hard at all. It comes natural. Most times is the thing you enjoy doing the most, the thing you can do better than anyone else who’s at the same level of practice as you are. That’s your talent, focus on it.

Stop trying to be mediocre, focus on your talent and become memorable.


Something to learn from Madonna and Adele

Take Adele and Madonna as examples. Both of them are female singers, both successful artists, both have sold millions of records, both are internationally known and appraised. But this is how far the similarities go.

I have recently seen concerts of both of them. On the one side, Adele accompanied by her backing vocals and an orchestra, and on the other, Madonna with backing vocals, instrumentalists, dancers, show light, smoke, special effects.

Adele focuses on the singing. That’s what she does, that what’s she’s best at. A great voice, a perfect interpretation, at a level that most people can only dream of. Madonna, on the other hand, focuses on the show. Her singing is not even by far comparable to Adele’s but she has something extra. People don’t come to her concerts to hear her sing, they go there for the show.

Thus, both of them in the same industry, both highly successful, but at the same time both totally different. Adele focuses on the music and her performance is for people who are there for the music, while Madonna puts everything into a show for people who are there just for the entertainment.

Value created from the same idea but in totally different ways for totally different types of audience. Each of them has her specific point of value. What’s yours?


Point of view

Everything in this world is related to your point of view. There is no good or bad, rich or poor, big or small, important or neglectable. Things are how you choose to see them, how you interpret and filter them. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

Western people consider themselves poor if they don’t have a house, a car, and can’t spend their vacations in some nice comfortable place. At the same time someone from sub Saharan Africa will consider themselves rich if they have food and water to last them for the month.

The same goes for everything else. I might find important and big to be able to teach someone something new while for someone else this is just something that has no value. How we relate to different things, events, people is what offers them value.

Everything is just as it is, what changes is your point of view. True value is the one we put in it.