Focus on the things you can control

A lot of people try to predict and control things that are about to happen. It’s important for their personal life, for their business and for others around them who depend on that.

Doctors try to predict how the disease will evolve and what actions you must take, the weather channel tries to predict how the weather is going to be like and if you should get an umbrella or not, the CEO tries to predict how the market will evolve and how the clients will react in order to take the best possible decisions.

These are all things that can be predicted to a certain degree, but concerning yourself with what disease you might suffer at 80 when you are 20 is a long shot. It’s as crazy as trying to predict how the weather will be next summer because you will buy tickets for your vacation. At the same time, CEOs try to control every single aspect of their business and plan everything for the next 5 years denying the unpredictability of markets.

Some things are highly unlikely to predict and thus impossible to control. Focusing on controlling them is just a waste of time, and it would be better to focus your energy on what can really be controlled and make sure that it will turn out the best.

P.S. This is one reason I hate the classic question in job interviews: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. The truth is I cannot know and no one can. Think of what people would have said 5 years ago, before the economical crisis, and what the reality is now.


Is there a myth of multitasking

There are a great deal of studies and research regarding multitasking and the efficiency or better said the inefficiency of it.

I won’t debate this, even though it’s clear that one will be more efficient focusing on a sole activity rather than trying to do several at the same time. My concern is about how you can avoid having to multitask and focus on only one activity.

In our modern society we are constantly in a rush, always on the run, with a need to always be connected and up to date. This makes it extremely hard to direct your attention on a single task or event. Constant interruptions, urgent tasks, high priority emails, people that need your immediate attention are always present.

It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, not to be interrupted. Thus, the only option you have is either to stop what you are doing every single time you get interrupted, or to start multitasking.

Since multitasking is becoming a necessity and avoiding it is not an option anymore, the best solution you have is to get used to it, practice it and increase your ability to multitask.


Face the doubt inside your head

That’s what’s holding you back. The doubt you have when you want to start something, the doubt when you want to push something to the limit, the doubt of whether or not you can do it.

The first thing that will go through your head when you think about an idea, a project, something you want to accomplish is why it’s not going to work. That’s the fear starting to work and creating doubts.

You will find a million reasons why something might go wrong, why it’s not the perfect opportunity and why you should never do it. The truth is that there is no perfect scenario, no risk free, flawless plan that you can apply.

There will always be risks, uncertainty, fears, doubts. But there will also always be something to gain, to achieve, something that will stand out, that will become memorable. It’s up to you if you are going to get overcome by your fears or face the doubts in your head and go do it.

Better a life of “Oh, well’s” than a life of “what if’s.”


Marketing done right

Just have a look at the clip below and you will see an excellent example on how to engage people and promote your product by simply making people curious.

Marketing done right

It’s simple and brilliant. No fancy tricks. No spamming. Asking for permission in a smart and funny way.

Find a way to become memorable by using simple things. That’s the fastest and easiest way to become noticed and be successful.




One of the most important things you have to do in order to have great results is to focus on what you are actually doing.

It happens that while they are doing something, a lot of people focus on something else. That’s either because they are multitasking or because they just focus their attention of something else they would want to do or achieve.

I notice a lot of people who, while at work, think about what to do on their free time; who on their free time think about their work; people who, while at the gym, think about what they would like to eat and who while eating think about how hard they will have to train after that meal.

What this will do is neither let you enjoy what you are doing at that moment, nor allow you to give 100%.

Focus your action and attention on one thing at a time if you want to maximize your results.